Are you still trying to keep track of your clients with Outlook? Or on spreadsheet? Or worse, in your head? Or are you of the opinion that your past clients know where to find you, and if they need your services again, they will pick up the phone and call you?

Social Network Solutions can help your business get organised, generate leads and stay connected.

Here's what we do:

Database creation
     The value of a database comes not from a computer program, but from the information that is stored. The most important component in a good database system is someone who understands the importance of gathering information and keeping that information up-to-date.

Dedicated quality control
     Social Network Solutions take on the responsibility of inputting, changing or deleting information to the central database. This reduces the occurrence of duplicate records and information conflicts.

Database growth
     Your central database should grow. That's part of its purpose! Everyone to contacts your business (in any way)should be added to your database. Those people are the best audience to approach because they've already voiced an interest in your organisation.